Our Vision

Listen to local village leadership and learn what factors that create barriers to community health and sustainability.

Develop a community action plan aimed at clean water, agriculture, health, energy, commerce and education, thereby impacting social ills associated with rural poverty.

Link with local, national, and international organizations, technical, and professional experts to maximize joint efforts.

Provide project management services in association with the local community in order to achieve the communities’ targeted outcomes.

Establish transition or exit mile-markers with the local community so that the local community will be able to sustain and move forward with future communal efforts in keeping with their traditions and customs.

Sample Image

President Matt Ylvisaker of Moving Forward Africa has visited Nyamor Village five times since 2007. Nyamor Village is an impoverished community in Western Kenya. Nyamor has many developmental obstacles most importantly the lack of drinkable water. Villagers use up to five hours a day in labor to obtain clean water. Due to the amount of time expended in finding water the Villagers do not have the resources for anything beyond subsistence agriculture. Agriculture is the best way to create economic improvement for the area. Kenya studies have shown that larger agricultural projects are better for economic development.

Our Partners include: Hope For the Child, General Mills, Woodlake Church