Our Partners

Hope For the Child

The vision Matt Ylvisaker received to begin Moving Forward Africa sprouted through his work as a board member with Hope For the Child. In 2007, the vision for Moving Forward Africa began to stir in his soul while on a trip to Kenya doing valuable volunteer work for Hope For the Child. HFTC has partnered with us to help us get established as a non-profit organization and we look forward to a continued partnership.

Woodlake Lutheran Church

Through long term connections to this church in Richfield, Minnesota, President Matt Ylvisaker was able to establish a continued partnership with Woodlake Lutheran Church. They have been supporting Moving Forward Africa financially and spiritually since our inception. They originally donated towards the purchase of Lifestraw water filtration systems which Matt donated to Nyamor Village on his trip to Kenya in November of 2010. They have continued to support us since.

Lutheran Church of the Master

Through family connections, President Matt Ylvisaker was able to establish a continued partnership with The Lutheran Church of the Master in Omaha, Nebraska. They have committed to supporting our efforts monetarily as well as spiritually on an ongoing basis.

Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen

Micheal Larsen was a big inspiration in the founding of Moving Forward Africa. He was a talented singer/songwriter/poet. His music lives on in our hearts after his unexpected death in October of 2010. His mother and friends have continued to keep Micheal's dreams for Moving Forward Africa alive by supporting us through a musical benefit event and fundraising efforts.

Longcoin Productions

Longcoin Productions is a production company that provides audio and video services and rentals. They also set up concerts, and DJ events in Minneapolis. They have supported Moving Forward Africa with annual benefit events.