Ways To Get Involved

1. Host an event

Moving Forward Africa is always looking for new benefit event ideas from others. We will give you all of the help you need (plans, support, direction, resources), but you supply the ideas. Be creative! Make it fun!

2. Get Your Church/Business/School Involved

Presently, Moving Forward Africa has 2 churches involved in supporting us, but we need more help!

3. Spread the Message

In this age of social media, it is rather easy to help Moving Forward Africa spread the word. All you need is a heart and access to a computer. You can point people to our website/facebook/twitter pages, tell your neighbors/friends about us. We are also looking for opportunities to give speaking presentations about MFA. Any way you can help us spread the word is greatly appreciated!

4. Volunteer Your Skills/Time Here or Abroad

Moving Forward Africa is always interested in having new volunteers utilize their gifts/talents through us. Whether it's grant writing, agricultural expertise, event planning, or to help man a booth at a benefit event, Moving Forward Africa has plenty of opportunities for you!

5. Become an Intern

Moving Forward Africa presently has 1 intern working for us from the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences through the University of Minnesota. We are always looking for interns that can utilize their talents through the efforts we are providing to the people of Africa.